Building Toys

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Building Toys

Experts, parents, and teachers all deem construction and building block toys to be classic toys that help youngsters develop a variety of abilities. Building blocks may help a youngster practise a variety of developmental abilities, from fostering brain development to fostering language growth. Additionally, playing blocks is enjoyable alone or with others and provides a valuable break from screen usage. Children can develop their understanding of spatial concepts like "on top," "under," and "next to" by creating with actual things. They will get the ability to think critically about how things fit together, predicts paediatrician Heather Shafi, MD, of New Jersey.

Age can be a decisive factor when picking the correct blocks for a youngster, but you also want them to be strong so they endure longer. When evaluating items, we gave great consideration to age recommendations, design, material, toy safety, and value. This material was checked for correctness by a paediatrician on our Review Board with reference to the advantages of building toys and selecting the best set for your family.

Diffrent Types Of Building Toys

Magna Tiles

Because these distinguished STEM building blocks are enjoyable for the whole family, the Magna Tiles 32-Piece Solid Colours Set is a top contender on our list. These plastic flat tiles are specially made to include magnets, allowing them to be utilised in both 2D and 3D constructions. Even though they are pricey, they are durable, keep their worth, and can be combined with many different sets. The customised Magna Tiles with images of The Beatles, the Grinch, and other well-known symbols will appeal to both parents and children.

Blockaroo Magnetic

Younger children will enjoy using these magnet-filled, incredibly soft foam construction blocks to create fun creations. Children will enjoy the multi-sensory experience as the blocks lock together and rotate 360 degrees, clicking together as if by magic. Better still, because the foam is waterproof, your child may take a bath with these blocks as well. These blocks are tough, mold-resistant, and dishwasher safe.

LEGO Classic Large Creative

Welcome to the LEGO universe! This imaginative LEGO brick box is the ideal introductory kit for beginners or younger children if your children are LEGO-curious. This colourful set comes with base plates, tyres, windows, doors, and approximately 800 colourful bricks of all different sizes, all of which fit into the storage box that is supplied. The best thing about LEGO is that it keeps youngsters engaged for years to come. This open-ended set is a fantastic approach to foster creativity in children without requiring them to construct the blocks in accordance with the set's instructions. Of course, all of these bricks work with other LEGO sets.

Mega Bloks 80-Piece

Babies, toddlers, and young children will delight in constructing, stacking, and toppling their very own Mega Blok masterpieces because they are the ideal size for little hands. Parents adore how simple it is to assemble these large blocks, which makes them the perfect toy for 18-month-olds to improve their hand-eye coordination and motor abilities. The kit includes a storage bag, making cleanup enjoyable and simple. The large blocks are safe for young children since they can't fit in a child's mouth and are designed to be large enough that you won't trip over them.

Melissa & Doug Wooden Building

These sturdy, secure wood blocks come in nine distinct shapes and four different colours, offering a wide choice for building, stacking and playing. The blocks have round edges and a smooth painted surface that won't splinter, and they are lightweight while construct of solid wood. A cardboard box with a plastic handle is used to pack the set. Families only have one complaint: although they fit, the cardboard may not last forever, so finding a long-term storage option is useful.

Plus 240 Piece Basic Mix

A universe of opportunities can unlock by one tiny brick. These interconnecting blocks mix engineering and art for a tonne of fun and design to create in both 2D and 3D. These 240-piece sets are ideal for a mobile lifestyle and come in a transparent plastic tube for convenient storage and transport. The kit also comes with an idea guide booklet to encourage creativity and let kids use their imagination. To create larger and more daring structures, mix PLUS PLUS blocks with additional sets and baseboards.

Magblock Magnetic Blocks

When playing with these inventive plastic blocks with built-in magnets, kids will love the educational process. This option is highly robust and has a smooth surface and rounded corners that are safe for tiny hands. Because the set contains window frames, gates, doors, triangles, rectangles, and so much more, you can construct whatever you can imagine.


These blocks are enjoyable and inexpensive, but their biggest selling point is that they encourage construction without frustration. Try Picasso Tiles if you've ever lived with youngsters that become extremely unhappy when their tower collapses! The bristle-shaped blocks are simple to join and detach. When other blocks relying just on balance would fall apart, Picasso Tiles maintain their connection. This STEM toy will encourage imaginative thinking, hand-eye coordination, and problem-solving abilities with its variety of colours and block forms.

HABA Wooden Building

This unusually formed set from family-run HABA is enjoyable for both adults and children. These blocks are entertaining for open-ended construction and creative tasks since they combine building with tangrams. The blocks, which make in Germany, also include a brochure with illustrations of several 2D and 3D patterns you may create with the blocks. In addition to being entertaining, these simple blocks look nice piled on a desk or coffee table.

Maple Landmark

With this collection of wooden blocks, you may encourage your child's creativity in constructing as early as one-year-old thanks to the variety of forms and sizes. The American-made, solid hardwood maple blocks sand to a smooth sheen, making them safe for use by even the youngest hands. These expertly made blocks will survive for many years and expand with the user.