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Almost all beauty enthusiasts concur that using makeup brushes is essential for applying a full face. You can do a lot with your fingers and a blending sponge, but brushes are essential for getting a pro-level finish. Makeup artist Nick Lujan explains, "The shape is the first thing I look at because it dictates where to use a brush and what product to use it with." Erika La' Pearl, a well-known cosmetics artist, asserts that the bristles are what matter most.

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Lune+Aster triumphed when 14 cosmetic brushes were put to the test. This rounded, angled piece excelled in design, use, and cleaning simplicity, receiving a perfect grade overall. It is spherical with a sloping head and made for applying liquid, cream, or powder foundation. The short, sturdy handle provides a firm grip, and the slant makes it easier to reach all the contours of your face. Lujan loves the synthetic bristles on this brush. He says that in addition to being suitable for vegans, they are frequently stronger and cleaner. The semi-short bristles are thick but incredibly soft, according to our tester.

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The tapered, rounded form is intended for concealer and foundation, but it also works with contouring and buffing powders. Our tester stated that the medium size makes it adaptable enough to apply around the eyes and nose, even if she likes a somewhat bigger head. We cherished the silky-soft synthetic bristles. This not only feels good against the skin but also allows for incredibly seamless application and blending. Our tester said that her foundation applied smoothly and was effortlessly buff out without leaving any streaks or blotchiness.

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Look no farther than IT Cosmetics if you want to spend money on a high-quality makeup brush. Dense synthetic bristles that feel pleasant against the skin are included on this opulent flat-top. You may use the special head for applying and mixing liquid foundation in addition to picking up and buffing out pressed and loose powders.

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The Real Techniques Blend + Blur was the most effective oval brush we tested. It features a sizable head with firm bristles and is intended for buffing and applying liquid foundation. Despite being a little bit stiff, the fibres are nonetheless quite soft, according to our tester.

The form resembles a toothbrush more than a paintbrush since the bristles are on the side rather than the end. This, according to our tester, makes it really simple to use for blending out liquids and creams, and the enormous size provides amazing coverage. It required a bit more effort to clean the thick bristles than it did other brushes, but not too much.

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The most popular 170 brush from MAC received an A in the testing. Although it's officially intended for foundation, we thought it worked particularly well for contouring. The artificial bristles are delicate but thick. The circular, angled design also enables you to get around all the curves and corners of your face, despite the fact that it's a little too big for the under-eye area. Our test subject reported that her makeup applied flawlessly, melted into her skin as she buff it out, and left her with a glowing, even-toned face. Cleaning the 170 is also a breeze. With a little warm water and light soap, liquid goods immediately emerged. We truly have no issues about this makeup brush other than the high price.

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